A Conversation!


Oh! My friend Insomnia
almost left you at the door
dozed off, just
a moment!
Where do you hide when day breaks?
crawling through slits of a ventilation
shaft pouring frigid air
are you lurking there?
afraid of a little sun,
je compris, mon cher!

Insomnia I bid you, make
yourself at home, comfortable
I’ve left the lamp on, just one
a wicked yellow glow writes shapes
up on the wall, like graffiti.
in my sleep deprived I write them

What do you do for fun
mon cher?

Insomnia I see you, standing
there by the window watching
rain falls interrupting
the silence, and snoring
little legs of insects tapping
gently do you hear their rhythm too?

Insomnia – don’t shudder! The wind
pounds and nature’s fury throws rain,
much harder now!

We’re safe in this box do you see
those wet fingers fall slowly down
rolling, furiously but not entering.
in here we stay dry

It’s cold, Insomnia, mon cher!
I have no blanket for us to
share, Yes
the building across the way
has a few lights on too,
they’re out friends – do you think?
Insomnia are you there too, staring
across and down at me –

With roving eyes soaking up the
rainsong and city below, asleep,
are you out there somewhere?
mon cher, do you hear my thoughts

The insipid growth of a desire to sleep
bled out through my pores
your loving grip , Insomnia, that caress,
empties my veins of sleep’s venom.

The red of my eyes now, the darkness of
my gaze reflected in a window
back at me, my face, your eyes,
Insomnia –

A knock on the door,

mon cher
is it you”

And it repeats


Tonight. Next morning. Rain falls.


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