I play games and work in the gaming industry. Current favorite game: League of Legends. All-time favorite game: StarCraft: Brood War. I used to play Brood War competitively; I competed at the World Cyber Games from 2004 – 2007, advancing to the regional finals from 04-06. In undergrad, I competed in the Collegiate Starleague, earning leading my school, UCSD to 2nd place in Fall 2009, and 1st place in Spring 2010.

Former Operations and League Commissioner of NASL, general manager of Fnatic, and current CEO of the Collegiate Starleague.


My Games (when I used to play):

Me vs Novella : UCSD vs UCI , CSL Semi Final Match
Me vs Jaeyun : WGF Quarter Final
Me vs DukeNukem3D : CSL Grand Final


Panel speaker @ Princeton eSports Symposium
ESPN Outside the Lines – Jan 2015 interview
Video Interview with Artosis (old school interview)
Panel speaker @ eSports Conference – College & High School gaming


New York Times about Collegiate eSports
Interview in the Chicago Tribune


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