Once upon a time, I was really into political science (IR theory) & the Middle East. I wrote a lot about Iran.

History, Deception, and Repression: Khamenei’s Grand Strategy

– An analysis of how Khamenei has consolidated his power since his ascension to Supreme Leader of Iran.

Iran: Foreign Policy & Khamenei’s Power
– An analysis of Khamenei and Iran’s foreign policy in the post-Khomeini years.

Suggested Changes to U.S. Grand Strategy: Dealing with Proliferation through Neo-Isolationism
– Suggests that a more isolationist strategy would better deal with proliferation dangers than current U.S. Strategy.

Iran vs. The World: A Look at the Middle East’s New Regional Power
– Looks at Iran’s emergence as a regional power and discusses the regional and global implications.

The Iranian State and the Kurds
– An analysis of Iran’s relations with its Kurdish population from the Revolution to today.

The Blind Owl
–  An essay on Sadegh Hedayat’s Blind Owl.

Rethinking Iran
–  An article whose aim is to look at the successes of the Iranian opposition and dispel some misconceptions about post-election Iran.

June 2009 Elections in Iran and Lebanon
– A theoretic analysis of the two elections and what it means for the existing literature.

USB: FY2010 [Research Assistant]
–  A report by Miriam Pemberton about the FY2010 budget and ways to rethink our defense budget.

Iran’s Fateful Choice
– An article about the clash of moderates and hard liners in Iran, the growth of the opposition movement, and how the US can help.

Military vs Climate Security: 2011 Budgets Compared
– A report by Miriam Pemberton analyzing the discrepancies between military and climate spending in FY2011.


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