The Rat Pack


for half my life there were four of us and for the second half there were none of us
and i rarely thought about it because when you’re 8 yrs old every day is awesome and you can’t think past the sleepover on Saturday night where you’d build a fort out of the red leather couch at Michael’s house
and Cody brought the Star Wars action figures and Dylan brought the candy and you all stayed up late idolizing the slightly faded yellow pool table in the living room that we were forbidden to touch
and we did anyways & sometimes Michael’s dad would yell at us and chase us down the street and we ran and then laughed when we rounded the corner of Inglewood and walked down to the 7-11 to get candy
on Cody’s 13th birthday Michael and Dylan both had pipes and I knew all about it and we talked about the same things and South Park was just getting popular and our hair was spiked and Cody had gotten rid of his mullet and after that day we didn’t see each other again and you just don’t think about it until one day you get a text from Cody saying Michael died and his funeral is on Friday and you should come
and then you realize that there’s no more Rat Pack
you look at yourself in the mirror after a shower and get dressed and want to make sure you look the way everyone will remember you and you show up not knowing what to expect until you see Cody and Dylan and they look the same but older and we embrace and in that room next to an ornately carved oaken box the Rat Pack is together again if only for a few hours
we’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles and Cody lived in Thailand and Dylan went to Greece and I went to Korea and we were all so close actually I could have walked to Connie and Ted’s & seen Michael in the kitchen and said hey it’s been awhile and we could have gotten a drink at the bar on his break and talked about cooking and he could have told me about culinary school and we could have gone to the park on San Vicente one day before work and played basketball because that’s what we always did when we were young and now I can’t do that anymore

& and all I can think about is life’s a trip sometimes

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