my couch


My mind looks for words and it can’t find them

This night passes and

There’s nothing there for tomorrow and now

I lie looking up restless

A plane flies overhead but it could be a star falling

There, out there so far from me

I hear life sometimes and it sounds like people

And in here it’s just me and my couch

Camus said you could get used to anything and he’s right

This life is my damp log and I look up and

All I see is a blurry night with no stars

They’ve all fallen or they’re all planes that are wherever

Filled with people who looked down

Out at the horizon and maybe some of them saw a sunrise

From 20,000 feet above the clouds

And they were the first welcomed to a new day

Greeted & childlike their experience was unique

And I’m still here and I can’t find the words I need

And I can’t sleep so I listen for the plane, for the star falling

To tell me I’m alive


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