Just two weeks


can’t you wait just two more weeks for that three year dream to come through while you think of that brief prelude on 18th and Q
and it tells you what its like to wake up and not be alone as how to smile after that mile walk because tonight you’re cooking for two
because it’s not just the sex even though that’s part of it but rather it’s more about the drive down to Melrose together
or picking the right things in the frozen food aisle of Trader Joe’s and knowing that you can hold her hand and make a joke and she’ll probably laugh
you can que netflix for a Breaking Bad marathon and not have to worry about buffering or refresh rates or whether the call will drop
or sometimes when the volume is too high how its hard to hear her voice and you can make use of that big orange-white blanket that sometimes alone you feel lost in
and you sit and think or lie and think about taking a road trip to the Mission and not have to worry about snorting coke or drinking Redbull
because you can just take turns driving along the coast an listening to Michael Jackson’s 1981 version of Ben or Gaga’s newest single or nothing but the sound of driving with the windows down
and you can look back at the last three years and think that you didn’t do everything perfectly that sometimes tears were shed in some dark moments
and once you got caught in a downpour and had to walk with a sprained ankle and no umbrella and things were hard and you’re sure she has the same stories
and you both can share them and you both can feel the same pain because that’s how this works and you both know that maybe there will be some more pain
and more tears but that’s ok because you can have dinner together and walk to the promenade together and pet Jeffrey together and things will work themselves out
not magically but because you love each other and that’s what matters
and there will be times that are great and it will be most of the time where you’ll smile and be happy and you won’t have to say a word because sometimes it isn’t needed and we can give each other massages after a long day and you won’t have to tackle the bottle of Chianti by yourself and you can really enjoy the sound of two glasses uniformly saying
it’s time to unwind and then the night will continue and your hands will do things and your lips will touch and the curtain will fall as the lights turn off and the cats will run because they know what this means.


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