The Child


a flash captures two fingers outstretched
two brown eyes and two smiles, both illuminated
made immortal by the press of a small button
a child in his innocence creates, can fly unfettered
as two giant wings propel him farther up until
at last he has reached the heavens and only
utters the words I MISS YOU as though
the clouds could hear

The eyes of a child open to see a sun through
window shade filtered in a criss-cross pattern
his tongue tastes salt on his upper lip
cautiously he rises up to see, with his own
the same sun and the familiar grass
the hammock out back where he used to lie,
the painted shed with our names scribbled

His eyes can see beauty in the world
upon waking his smile no less painful
than the night.
beauty and the tenderness of a caress
which by now exists only with eyes closed
Thus the sun wills beauty on the earth
injecting light in his smile


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