‘survive physics: one week’

Escape the reality of a shitty childhood

My imagination

Flower petals unfold revealing pollen

Crisp air seems nice

Sneezes spark stellar explosions

Star-dust crosses horizons

My outstretched hand

Reaches you

Secretly, hoping for the law of attraction

Wishing for it

‘stop thinking’

Enter the reality of adulthood

Dreaming fervently

I am Ivan Karamazov

Wide-eyed wonderment,

Without glasses –  I see

‘really, stop’



I see stars within reach, they’re shiny and bright

Long arms sky for what’s impossible

‘did we survive physics?’

Resisting temptation, yet

my heart soars when you smile

‘wear warm clothes’

Outside sun has set

Fingers scrape graphite

I hated that: hideous

I remember the lessons life teaches

‘don’t make the same mistakes’

Aptly I sit in the front row,

I absorb

In return, I teach.

‘stop thinking’


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