a message


to receive a message

seeing a smiling face
or the randomness of a television commercial

on spanish language tv

the feeling of accomplishment,
as a plate of hot good food rests before

the steam exciting,

you forget about kitchen-mess

[deal with it tomorrow.]

glad it’s not cup-o-noodles

the first few sips of alcohol
still coursing through my bloodstream

i still search for intoxication

am not quite sure if I want it

i’m kinda happy how I am .

‘it looses you up’

‘you need 151’

‘i’ll take some cranberry juice’
i reply.

all smiles outsides
wearing a sharp blazer and grey jeans
mephisto shoes – from dede.

my eyes close to soak in sounds
my eyes close to creep within myself
my eyes close to block out light
to block out the world

to preserve the image before me
to burn it, a tatoo on my retina

my closed-eye vision is always of smiling faces.


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